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Sleepless nights after electroacupuncture


I’m an advocate of alternative medicine. Therefore when I have had a sleep problem, sometimes couldn’t fall asleep for a few hours, sometimes awaken after 4 hours of sleeping,
I have decided to find an experienced TCM practitioner and took so far 2 electroacupuncture sessions once a week. After each treatment I wasn’t able to have any sleep at all. After the first one for 2 nights. I talked to the TCM doctor on the next appointment and he inserted even more needles, more points on the front body and then on the back, some points on the head included.
Unfortunately after the second treatment I didn’t sleep at all the whole night. I don’t know how will be tonight’s. I also take some herbs given by TCM doctor. Should I continue the treatment, and give more time? Thank you so much for any response.


How are the rest of the nights? (i.e. are you overall better with sleeping minus the first nights of the treatments, or has there been no change).

It sounds to me like you are being over treated, so I would probably find another practitioner if you are in an area where there are many choices. Generally speaking electroacupuncture is not that conducive to most of the underlying factors involved in insomnia.


Thank you Chad for taking time and respond to me. Yes, next sleepless night, and blood sugar elevated, today’s FBS 120, I was able to keep it at middle 90 only with low carbs diet.
You right I have being over treated, especially some needles in the head, seems that not addressed the underlying problem. I would find another practitioner, there are many here.
Thanks again. Best regards, Danuta


Actually points on the head are pretty commonly used to treat insomnia, such as GV 20 and GV 24. Though attaching electric stim to those points is not something I would ever do, at least for insomnia.


Hi Stephen,
Good for you that you don’t use that. It made me really worse.
And it has been done by a Chinese MD who practices for over 20 years.
This is an example that the most important to chose a proper practitioner
who tries treating the underlying cause not one symptom.
Thank you very much. Best, Danuta


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