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Sleeping direction

In Feng Shui there are ideas about the direction in which a person works, sleeps, etc. What can be said about the direction of sleep when a woman and man sleep together? Do the same sleeping directions count in this situation? The energy interaction that takes place… the direction of flow in a female and male body… I am curious to hear views/experiences about this subject.

Thank you in advance.

Hopefully there are others that have more true feng shui experience. I tend to downplay the importance of the mechanical/linear versions of feng shui and rather focus on peoples intuitive sense of what is right for them. If you feel good where you are sleeping, then it is great, if you don’t then you should change the location and/or direction. I think listening to some of the wisdom passed down through feng shui is good, but being tied to it at the loss of our own intuition is debatable in my opinion.

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Thank you for your answer.

Great answer unfortunately we tend to get stuck on superstitions to wisdoms from other places all which can be helpful but really when it comes down to it our intuition is the most important
I really appreciate hearing you Chad, saying you encourage all to use it

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