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Sleep maintenance insomnia


What is the best method to use to get back to sleep after awakening in the middle of the night? (ie: 2:30 am) and needing to use the restroom. Deep breathing, visualization using acupressure points are some methods I have read about. I also have a Sun Alcon chi machine. Using it around 9 pm causes me to wake because of using the restroom. Drinking 1 to 2 cups of water is recommended after using the machine in order to flush out toxins. Any suggestions on how to stop waking up at 2:30 or 3:30 am?



Athough there needs to be more diagnosing this condition is most likely due to Yin deficiency - kidney and heart. Try K6+ and H8+.

I had pretty good results with my patients.



Well generally speaking I would say you should see an acupuncturist locally and receive treatment. Insomnia is commonly a resolvable condition, so I wouldn&#39t hesitate to see someone for a more structured approach than self treatment options can offer.

Generally speaking if you are having more trouble going to sleep and more heat signs - it is from Kidney Yin Deficiency, more trouble staying asleep with vivid dreams is more Spleen Blood Deficiency - although there are many possible diagnoses from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Now all that said, if it&#39s the water that is waking you up, don&#39t drink it. And if you feel it is required by the chi machine then just use that earlier in the day if possible so the water is out of your system and doesn&#39t wake you up.


Thank you very much for your insight on my problem. When I return to my homestate of GA I will be seeing an acupuncturist (Chinese medicine specialist).



Thank you very much for your insight! I will be seeing a LAc when I return to my native state of GA. lYour knowledge will help me in the interim period while I am in the Pacific N. West. This website is most awesome!!!


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