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Sleep Apnea


Does anyone know of the causes (according to TCM) and an effective treatment for sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea

In TCM, sleep apnea most because of spleen deficiency, phlegm stasis and Qi and Blood stagnation, treatment proposal is sooth Qi, clear phlegm and tonify spleen. the points for example: Ren17, 22, Lv3, Li4, Pc6, Ub20, St36, 40...


Thankyou for your prompt reply. I was wondering if these points would work with moxa or accupressure. I am not a trained accupunturist, (and don&#39&#39t have the money for treatment at the moment)but have a good knowledge of points and was going to try self treatment. Also if there an Chi gong exercises i could do for treatment. I would be very gratefu for your knowledge.


Moxa is good for treatment to warm the points and active Qi and Blood, but not good treat on Yin deficinecy or body heat people. self massage is good, if you do Qi Gong with self massage together will be more good, the "Ba Duan Jin" Qi Gong is very good for breath system, you can do Qi Gong first then self massage the points.


Thankyou will try that . I know the "Ba Duan Jin" . I will implement it (and the accupoints) into my daily routine.


I did not get all the points. It only goes upto ST.40. It looks pretty good points to use for condition. But what are the other points.


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