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Skin problem


Submitted By: roopesh5917

Hello sir iam a new member of YIN YANG HOUSE and iam learning ACUPUNCHER for the last 3 months as a diploma source,Iam suffering from skin diseases forthe the last 9 years.I want to comeout from this skin problem and also i want to cure others.For me it's was initially started on the head like some pumples with lot of itching.I have taken Ayurvedha treatement.theygave oil for intake and external usage.But the itching was not controlled and it's started spreading on the lower back and thiegh area in leg in the form of dots and circles.So i swithed over to english medicines.there also i could not continue because the problem was not solved it was spreading on the shoulder areas.Then i switched over to SIDDHA.Surprisingly it was under ontrol and almost my problem got curied But after one year again i had same problem in the same area.But that time i was no table to get the medicine.So i left siddha also.finally I gone to homeopathy for the past 3 years some times feel good but not permenant cure. Kindly gives solution to me in ACUPUNCHER or any other alternative medicines.


It is on head and above body, without other diagnosis clues, I think that is because of wind heat dampness problem, because wind go up with heat light thing go bove also, so the treatment proposal is: clear wind cool heat, dry dampness if wet inside, points: sp10, sp9, sp6, Lv3, Li4, st36, du14, Li11, Gb20,21, Du15, Ub12, gb31. Drink some Sang Ye & Jue Hua with mint tea may help.


Thank you sir,I forgot to tell you some other symptoms also, My nails also getting damaged after this skin diseases. Very often I am getting Constipation problem .also i am having higher tension problem also.


What is Sang Ye & Jue Hua.


When in doubt, first use the search function on our site -before- asking. Both are herbs listed in our herbal database:

Sang Ye

Ju Hua

For such a long term condition, however, you should try to consult directly with an acupuncturist locally. There are many ways to differentiate a condition like this, particularly one that has not responded to other treatments. Herbal formulas that may be appropriate (again you should work with someone locally) are Fu Fang Qing Da Wan or Xiao Feng Wan possibly with a topical solution like Saab Gaay. These would work well if the issue still involves heat and itching - there are deficiency ways to get this and other issues such as parasites which would require an entirely different approach.

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