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Skin disorder like WARTS in the BOdy


Protocol for genetal warts… Is it possible to cure WARTS using TCM and acupuncture protocol… Pls respond


If you have warts from the HPV virus then there is no known cure. You can treat the warts using acupuncture but the protocol would depend on how they are manifest. Are they just dry and scaly, or are they more red with itching, are they painful or not, etc.
With acupuncture and possible herbal treatment you can strengthen the immune system and help to minimize or possibly prevent reoccurring outbreaks. However the correct protocol and herbal therapy depends on what the specific signs and symptoms you have. You can read more on an older post here as well, for all intents and purposes the answers there apply to HPV and genital warts.


Long before TCM, I learned there is no incurable disease. You give the body what it needs to do its’ job and don’t poison it til it can’t. :wink: I have dyshydrotic eczema. Some say it’s herpes virus from chicken pox. That might be so. But could that be heat or phlegm (substantial or insubstantial) coming to the skin surface ? IDK about genital warts but I used marigold to get rid of warts on the hands. The earth can draw it out too.


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