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Skin allergy


Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

Sir, I am treating a ten years old girl for skin allergy showing light brown patches appearing bilaterally(in same region in bothlimbs)mainly in hands.Itching is light,not severe. The patches have light thin white border inside of which the skin looks like as when irritated(pikilothermic)appearance. Tongue with white coating. Pulse -deep. I am treating with - Lu5,Li11,sp6,10,ub40,kid3,10,Liv3,8 and ren17,thrice a week,ren17 not frequently. she is very cooperative. But no big change. Kindly guide me.


skin allergy mostly is wind problem, use active blood points: Sp10+Ub17, white coating means cold or phlegm dampness, use points: Ren4, 6, St36, 40, Sp6, 9.


Its not&#39 &#39pikilothermic&#39&#39 its &#39&#39piloerection&#39&#39.the word typed wrongly.Kindly excuse.


for calm down emotion or spirite use: Lv3, Yin Tang, Pc6, An Mian, sp6, Pc7, Ht7. for heart phlegm add Pc5. you need diagnosis more detail about her illness history or genetic history, and what pattern she is, these is an idea, for different condition may change the points flexible.


Sir, She is my daughter, so I know well about her health conditions. she is very normal in every aspect,emotion etc . here I used the term piloerection just to explain the skin pores or follicles are little raised in those regions but not the hair, now Iam trying with ur previously prescribed points . Thank you.

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