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Sjogrens disease question


Could you suggest an acupressure point for Sjogrens Disease - an autoimmune disease


This is not a direct answer re a specific acupuncture points, but rather some additional suggestions. I have a number of articles on this site about stress, the relationship between spleen and triple warmer, and some Medical Qigong approaches to balancing the immune system.

Learning the microcosmic orbit is also helpful.

As part of the microcosmic orbit, practitioners are taught to press the tongue on the palate. There&#39s a small indentation behind the teeth. Pressing there with the tongue increases saliva flow.

Autogenic relaxation training is also helpful, as well as tapping T1-T4 points used in Tong Ren for autoimmunity.


Many thanks. The information is extremely interesting and very helpful.


As Judith points out, from the Tam Healing/Tong Ren Therapy system, the upper thoracic points are very useful with acupressure, massage, tong ren, etc. for all auto-immune based conditions. So the huatuo of T1 is the bone marrow, T2 is the thymus gland, T3 is the lung/lymph systems - collectively they balance the immune system. For sjogrens, the huatuo of T7, would also be important as it controls any issues involving the blood.

Generally speaking from a Chinese Medicine perspective many patients with auto-immune conditions have underlying Kidney Yin Deficiency. So acupressure on yin balancing points such as KD 6 and LU 7 possibly with SP 10 (cool the blood) would also be helpful.


I forgot T7, which is part of Tom&#39s autoimmune protocol, and helps with detox and spleen.

I was not aware before of the Kidney yin deficiency connection. Intuitively, this makes sense to me, as I have had many autoimmune conditions (including Sjorgren&#39s). While I&#39ve managed to diminish or control the symptoms of these various conditions through the various energy medicine and meditative techniques that I learn and share, my underlying constitution that I must constantly attend to is indeed Kidney yin deficiency !

That said, I find that I fair best when I am aware of fear and able to transform it. My favorite way is with the kidney healing sound: chewweee. Most effective is combining the sound with the posture, reaching arms around the knees, leaning forward and looking up, while pushing the knees toward the arms.

The Healing Sounds for all the organs, and Triple Warmer, can be found in Mantak Chia&#39s Transforming Stress into Vitality. I also include them in the Five Element Primer: The Be-in-Better-Balance-Book and also in More Than Meets the Eye: Energy. The latter two books can be purchased from the store at my website.

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