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Sinusitis pain under water pressure


can anyone suggest acupuncture points that i can treat myself by massaging or by applying a moxa roll in order to help eliminate a stinging pain in the Sinus frontalis when diving? i have just recently recovered from a cold and i would like to know how to apply TCM to complete my recovery.


If you look directly below your posting a link was automatically created to our sinusitis page when you posted. Clicking on that link will take you to our sinusitis treatment section. If you scroll down about half way you will see common acupuncture points used for that condition (and, generally, that are also good for acupressure). Further down in the TCM section you will see a link for "Acupuncture for Sinusitis". Reading that article will provide you will all of the commonly used points for the condition.



chad, this site is really a treasure of good advice. too bad the 2 mentioned points, LI 19 and 20 are on the scapula and thus hard to reach. but i have a massage ball with little knobs and i wonder if it would be worth trying rubbing the scapulae against this ball standing upright against a wall.

sure enough i will try it out before i hit the sea next time.

thanks again.



Hi Migelin,

If you look more closely you might find that LI19 and 20 are not on the scapula but just next to and under the nostril instead. Have a look at the &#39points&#39 section to help locate these points.



hi luke,

you are right, of course. i am still learning the meridians and i was confused by the image that accompanied the sinusitis-related information on this site which shows actually the scapula region, of the small intestine meridian, i suppose.




just for the records: i applied punctual pressure to LI 19 and 20 several times within a couple of minutes. the next day i had no sinus trouble at all while diving. actually, i had also applied some rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) to these points over night which i think irritates / stimulates the skin in a similar way that a needle does.

thanks for your help.



Hi, i need help, regarding sinus. early my patient is getting nasal drainage, do anybody knows point for this,,,,, but am treating this patient an night 9pm


for sinus points: Yin Tang ( downward direction ), Li20 through to Bi Tong direction, Li 4, Lu7( upward direction).

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