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Simple tonic following injury


I was wondering what the best stand-alones herbs or simple formula are that gently tone(heart) blood and enrich jing and yin. Would one of the ginsengs or longan/Long Yan Rou be useful?


What type of injury specifically are you asking about and what are the patients signs and symptoms. Generally following a trauma you want herbs that move the blood (not tonification) - perhaps a formulas like Jin Gu Die Da Wan. I am assuming, however, you are not asking about a traumatic injury. So if you can offer more details, we can offer some ideas.


Ren Shen is tonify Qi herb, Long Yan Rou is tonify heart blood herb, both of them very warm, are not good for support yin energy. for heart yin energy and enrich blood and jing&#39s formula may: "Dan Shen pills"/ or "Sheng Mai San".


Hello and thanks for your very helpful replies.

I tore some muscles in my chest which are starting to heal, then I had a bad flu which refuses to go away (sore throat anyway) and have been feeling run down. I feel like I cannot get enough sleep. Plus, I have been doing hard physical household things which I really feel physically tired from doing. When I have felt this way in the past, I have been told that my yin and heart blood is weak, so that is why I asked. I just would like something "simple" and not too strong that hopefully, will not cause any food stagnation/poor digestion which I am prone to. I have also been more easily frightened than usual. In the past have been treated for Liver Qi Xu and Vacuity for emotional issues like this.


How is your pulse and tongue? or you need detail diagnosis from a TCM doctor near your location.


Tongue is pink, slightly red in middle, red at tip (it&#39s always red at tip), slight white coating in middle back/base/intestinal area, otherwise looks a little peeled. No swelling. It looks wet before going to bed. Pulse seems floating. That&#39s all I can tell.


Coating peeled means stomach Qi been hurt, so your digestion is weak, floating pulse means flu or upper jiao problem may heart fire (with red tip of tongue), I don&#39t think it is yin deficiency, because your tongue is wet. If digestion weak, you need treat your stomach first, so no too much cold drink or food, no too much fat and oil food may better for your stomach. When your stomach conditon become better, the other conditions will easily be controled I think, sometimes medicine sideactive will damage stomach qi, so you need check your medicine pills, which one is no good for digestion? and consult to your doctor and find a better way.


Thanks so much for your most detailed suggestions. : ) I will adhere.

As noted my tongue only appears wet at night. Just another question - could this be part of the reason then that I feel so fatigued upon waking up? I cannot seem to summon much energy at all until 12:30 in the day. My former acupuncturist suggested that I pour boiling water over grapefruit peel and flesh to sip after breakfast to help with this. I think it helps to a point, but I am still fatigued until afternoon begins.


Morning is the sun rise time, so people body&#39s Yang Qi is rise up ( increase ), you feel fatigue at morning, it means your Yang Qi deficiency, it is sure not Yin deficiency, because afternoon the sun is down, Yang Qi is decrease and Yin Qi is going to rise up at night. So you need tonify Yang Qi, Stomach Qi is mainly Yang Qi of body, you need health your Stomach function(digestion) first. you may drink some yogurt at breakfast or tea time, it will help your digestion. eat flour food will protect your stomach wall.


Thank you so very much for your sharing of medical knowledge and advice.....I know it will help. I never knew that about mornings being connected with one&#39s Yang..very interesting.

: )


Coating peeled for yin deficiency. Pulse floating is Xu Re. Vomiting? Irritate?

Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang. (Shang Han Lun), Ban Xia decline heat and Sheng Jiang raise Yin and Qi, not only for Nausea.



I was just eavesdropping on your conversation. I was just wondering about the cause of your fatigue. If you had a bad dose of the &#39flu at the beginning, before you start playing around with tonics, one of the golden rules of tcm suggests that you have to get rid of any external pathogenic factors (epf). Your pulse was floating, which might mean that there is/was an epf lingering in the exterior. This is a really useful concept to follow. Much of what later developes into chronic fatigue or ME develops from a dose of the &#39flu that has not been fully expelled or expressed.


Thanks so kindly for your input. That&#39s a very interesting take on things, Simon. I didn&#39t think to look at it that way. My acupuncturist did give me some herbs to take over 4 days but I have to say that I haven&#39t seen much improvement. What it did improve is that bowel movements feel easier to pass. I still need far too much sleep. Thing is, lately, I have been kept up in bed by itching. My skin (especially), eyes and nose are itching so much that it keeps me awake. Didn&#39t get to sleep last night until nearly 5:30. I have had pain that goes down my left arm for 8 + years now. Acupuncture certainly keeps it away for a few weeks, but it comes back. When I am ovulating, it is at it&#39s worst.

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