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Simple Kidney Cyst (sack filled with fluid)


Simple Kidney Cysts are not considered a health problem in western medicine, particular those which are less than 5 cm. they need to be monitored once a year and the patient needs to obey a diet. Larger cysts usually drained with the special needle and filled with the alcohol, so it won’t regrow.
How TCM looks at the nature of simple kidney cysts? What is a treatment protocol with acupuncture points and herbs may resolve simple Kidney cysts?
Is it dampness in the lower jiao, deficiency due to Lv Qi stagnation as a child of the water element may hold the energy back in the mother meridian, which may lead to stagnant water/energy in the kidney meridian, leading to development of simple cysts?
Please share your opinion here.


There are theoretically a few different patterns that can lead to kidney cysts but in my clinical experience I really only have ever seen two. Damp, especially damp-cold in the lower jiao can cause cysts to form. Cold damp is more common as cold tends to cause things to sink and contract, which when combined with damp causes the dampness to form into cysts. Kidney yang deficiency can lead to a relative excess of yin in the kidney. Weak kidney yang fails to provide enough energy to move the fluids within the kidneys and at the same time the lack of yang allows those fluids to condense and contract. Over time that can lead to the formation of cysts.

As for the whole mother/father/son relationships from five phase [element] theory I find very little practical clinical application with that theory. Granted I’m not a classically trained five element practitioner…

For more information on cysts in general you can see our page here. The acupuncture points would depend on the predominant pattern that is causing the cysts in the first place. In general you could use KD 7, Ren 4, and UB 23 for kidney yang deficiency plus SP 9 if there is damp accumulation. Moxa could also be useful at those points.

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