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Signs I cant get western doctors to care about



I don't want to see a medical doctor about this because from my own experiences they brush these off as insignificances.

The couple of things I'm going to mention doesn't interfere in my life terribly but it does make me curious if they are related and whether they may point to a larger problem waiting to happen. I like trying to solve my problems self first but if any of the experienced practitioners feel i should rather see an acupuncturist in person or ignore it(i'll consider it good news) I will do so.

Firstly I'm a 23 year old male and I study full time. I'm a light build. Skinny. Im very strong for my size. My matabolism is pretty fast. I used to have a bottomless stomach but this went away a couple of months ago for some reason. I have a high pain threshold. My stamina is terrible(doctor told me Ritalin lowers matabolism). My only medications are Ritalin and generic asthma medications(which i dont need to use heavily anymore). Both of which i started using at a young age. Asthma medication at five and Ritalin at Seven i think. As a kid i had an enormous temper problem. Possibly coming from my adhd.

I still suffer from acne.

I have yellow eyes which were cured by an acupuncturist a couple of years ago by placing and taping little balls to my ears which i needed to press at certain intervals. i was told its because of a liver imbalance. my western doctor also said its the liver. He said its a harmless syndrome. i cant remember the name right now. Any case its back. The diagnoses(or label) came very quick almost on assumption so I dont know if I should give it much weight. The few times i used reiki on my ears it helped but it always came back so i leave it until it effects my appearance too much.

I also suffered from severe migraines which were cured for the most part by an acupuncturist(the same one). I wish i could say i was completely free since then but they were greatly reduced in frequency and severity.

On occasions usually beginning early evenings my hands,feet and random other parts such as my nose start itching. Scratching doesnt relieve it. This is recent. Ive taken antihistamines but it doesnt stop this.

I cant urinate or defacate to satisfaction. Ive read elsewhere on this site that masturbation may weaken bladder control. I masturbate about once a day for about 2-3 weeks straight and then stop for about a week. The time of day I usually do this is when my Ritalin starts wearing off and I feel tired and rigid.

The finger nail area on my right middel finger feels like its being pressed upon whenever I channel energy for reiki or qigong or just focus on it. The harder I try the stronger the feeling becomes. Ive considered that a nerve might be pinched somewhere like on my spine or in my shoulder(which suffered mild injuries a couple of times) but hanging my back or shoulders out doesnt alleviate this.

there are see through shapes floating in my vision field. the forms themselves are static but they move around as im trying to look at them. if i keep my vision still they start dropping.

Another shape is see is a round pulsation and twirling light. Kind of like when you get a migraine but this one doesnt block some of my perception. it is to the bottom right of my vision field. Always the same spot and it is also very noticable.

When i exercise especially my legs and lower back with heavy weights or heavy reps and sets my testicles start aching. It feels the same as being kicked in the groin(which ive also experienced a couple of times). This in turn makes my back a bit stiff. Ive checked my technique to make sure I dont inadvertantly cause this mechanically. I dont.

My memory have become worse than ever. i used to be able to remember conversations exactly. Just like they happened and now i cant even recall who said what on which day. Im studying psychology so its kind of an important skill i need back. I take omega acids and went for vit. B complex shots. I don't have classes this year so i dont get out as much as i used to. this might explain it. I try to spend a couple of minutes a day in the sun also.

I dont know if this is important but I moved to the RSA a year ago. The season here now is autumn. Somebody told me the seasons effect our energies. I dont know. just thought i'd throw it in there.

Almost all of the signs or symptoms as far as i know didnt start at the same time. For example my urination problem is about 5 years old but my yellow eyes started in third grade. Migraines somewhere in my teens etc.

Sorry if its too detail intensive and I hope theres some light somewhere. Some of the things i dont know whether its important but i thought i'd add it since it stood out for me. I hope i havent missed anything important.

If there are any characteristics about my body, personality and history you need to know about please ask.

Thank you



Just briefly, how many acupuncture sessions did you have? and are you still receiving treatment? The reason I ask is because your acupuncturist, from what I can tell, has not only helped you but also has the right diagnosis. Most of your conditions are indicative of a liver imbalance from a TCM perspective (not necessarily from a western one), and I'm assuming you've had blood work done and your physical liver checks out fine?

The ADD, Migraines, Vision disturbances, etc. are all related to the same TCM pattern. Without seeing you myself, I would simply recommend continuing treatment if you are not already doing so.


I had two different acupuncturists. Total i had five sessions i think.

That was back home. Here where I am now i dont have medical insurance and being a student no money either. If it is a serious problem i would go see somebody but if they are just annoyances i'd rather work it out myself.

Ive had blood work done 2 years ago but nothing stood out.


That's a relatively low number of sessions and a very good response all things considered. I would consider seeing someone perhaps even monthly more consistently. Barring that, from my perspective, I would learn qi gong and/or Tai Chi and practice that regularly. These exercises provide much the same change as acupuncture once you have had some training. Over time they are particularly good at resolving what we would classify as liver qi stagnation.

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