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Side effects of internal progress


Submitted By: vegapunk


Since I started making some progress in my internal training my sense of awareness of my body has become a little off.

I become more aware of the differences in the dark. I feel a lot less balanced(i don't fall down or anything. I'm just less sure footed) and when it comes to navigating in the dark I'm way way off in finding things such as doors, light switches or my desk. This is in the same house I've lived in for over 20 years so I'm really surprised when I get it wrong and it only started happening recently around the same time I made 'progress'.

So I would like to know whether the 2 things could be related, whether it's normal, and if not, what I should do about it



Without knowing what practices you are doing and training with you personally there is little that can be said in a definitive way (i.e. this is why people have teachers). But, yes, more than likely some of these changes are normal. As you strengthen awareness and sensitivity these sensations can arise. However, it more often means that you are not learning to properly ground. In general people need to know how to ground/root first (best arrived at from simple standing meditation and/or seated silent meditation for years usually). Once they can root other practices are less likely to cause issues, but even then I think there are still some ups and downs over the years.

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