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Side effects of harvoni theraphy for hepatitis c


My mother is on a harvoni theraphy again hepatitis c. The drugdrug Has sidde effects like dry mouth, mouth ulcers, thirst and weakens teeth. Is it defficient fire according to TCM? How can she protection herself against the side effects with the diet. How to nourish the kidneys with the diet, she cant have Acupuncture. Emilia


Why can she not have acupuncture? Because of the hep c? - this is not the case at all. Rather than managing the side effects of the western medicine, Chinese Medicine (both acupuncture and herbal medicine in this case) has a strong track record of significant aid with hepatitis C. I would strongly suggest you consult with a practitioner in your area and have her receive completely treatment.

A relevant response to a similar question describing aspects of our overall approach is here.


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