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SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth



Has anyone been able to treat SIBO successfully? This is the disorder where the bacteria that is suppose to be in the large intestine somehow travels to the small intestine and causes problems. This disorder is really caused by western medicine (Anti biotics) and therefore relatively new and not mentioned in old Chinese books.....

Please any input is helpful,



There are many dietary measures that are helpful. You can find reference books for treating candida. Basically eliminating yeast and mold from the diet (such as mushrooms, tea, white bread) while you are recovering. Some dietary suggestions are more drastic than others. Check for other food sensitivities like dairy, corn, gluten. Take probiotics and prebiotics.

(Sorry, my time is up on the libary computer. Hope this helps somewhat.)


Generally acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas are used for a very wide range of digestive and elimination system issues including liver disease, hep c, gastritis, pancreatitis, gerd, and on and on. The key with treating these conditions is to not treat the condition - just properly use the tools of Chinese Medicine and treat according to the TCM diagnosis. If after doing that you get no response then submit questions with all the details of your diagnosis, point selection, herb selection, etc. and we can provide further guidance.

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