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Si shen cong and dizziness


Hi. Just wanting your feedback. I’m an acupuncturist and I saw a 75 year old man for insomnia and anxiety and general health. He had a recent history of spinning type vertigo but it had been resolved with the Epley Maneuver (done by a PT). I was not treating him for dizziness. I needled the 4 point combination of Si Shen Cong with Du 20 with red handled seirin needles penetrating about 0.2 depth inserted obliquely posterior and he had an immediate and severe attack of dizziness (spinning). He felt better when I removed the si shen cong needles which I did immediately and did not have that reaction with the other points I had needled. He has since gotten an MRI (all good). His blood pressure is normal but a history of orthostatic hypotension which he claimed resolved. Yes, I should have checked his blood pressure.

His pulse was wiry on the guan, generally deep, mirror tongue cracks, scanty yellow fur towards the back
Dx: liver qi stasis with heart, liver, kidney yin deficiency and essence deficiency.
Do you have any thoughts on his condition or the use of Si Shen Cong/Du 20?
I’d appreciate your opinion
Sara Weinberg, L.Ac


If it was his first time being needled it could have been just a nervous reaction, particularly if you did any kind of aggressive manipulation on the needles.

Did you needle those points first? For patients with moderate to severe yin deficiency I usually will needle yin nourishing points first. As part of TCM theory DU 20 has a strong yang raising function. If yin is weak, you very likely have a relative excess rising of the yang. If you needle yin points first this can help act as an anchor of sorts.


Yes, youre so right. I did anchor points but I went to the head first (no aggressive needling at all) and, of course, I know better than that. thanks for your feedback.


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