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Si Miao Fang and San


I read some very good articles on Si Miao Fang and Sanmiao and wondered are they the same.
If not I am having trouble finding Si Miao Fang to buy. I live in Australia.
It is for osteoarthritis with bone spurs


First please keep in mind that you do not choose herbal formulas based on your condition, rather you choose them based on your underlying diagnostic/causal pattern from a Chinese Medicine perspective (see “how to choose a formula” for more on that).

Si Miao Wan (Si Miao Fang, Si Miao Fang Wan) also known as the “four marvels powder” is technically for clearing damp heat and purging dampness from a TCM perspective. San Miao Wan is the “three marvels powder” and is used for similar issues - there is a reason, however, that they both exist so which one is most appropriate for the patient will depend on their diagnosis in tcm terms.

Again with the right underlying factors they could potentially work well for osteoarthritis. But there are at least 10 other formulas that could potentially work well for osteo that are for entirely different causal patterns. You will do best to consult with a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area if you are unsure of your causal pattern. While choosing the wrong formula may still help some, it can make you worse (and/or cause other problems) if you chose something that was for essentially opposite of your underlying factors.


Thank you very much Chad for your feedback appreciate


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