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Shoulder pain related to frozen or P A


sir , I am aged 60 type II daibetec , no other problem except shoulder pain since six months or more getting pain in my right hand shoulder , not able to fold back, to remove shirts by raising hand up , night pain disturbing sleep so on

please do answer for any remedial measure to relive by pain


Dear Vishwaradhya,

In the past year I have just learned the Frozen Shoulder technique during my Qigong Tuina course. I have tried that technique on my colleague who has had the Frozen Shoulder for 1,5 years. After 6 treatments on a two weekly basis, his pain was relieved.

I don&#39t know if acupuncture would help as well, I don&#39t have acupuncture knowledge on this. But it should be the same principle, warming up the muscles and tendons, relaxing the patient, relieve stagnation and promote the blood and qi circulation. That is what Qigong Tuina does.

I hope this information would help you.

With kind regards,



I have treated many patients, using acupuncture and herbs, for frozen shoulder - with great success. It&#39s not possible to say what you need, because your treatment can only be planned after a proper assessment.

I would suggest you make an appointment with a qualified acupuncturist (LAc in US; LicAc in UK); I&#39m sure it will respond well to the right treatment.

Best of luck!



I had treated quite successfuly symptoms similars to yours with acupuncture, using the method of puncturing ashi points, where hurts, with a dispersing procedure (inserting and ejecting the needle quickly, usually a 0.25X40mm needle), acheiving relaxation of the area, if there was muscle contructure as original cause...I suggest you look for a qualified acupuncturist to do it, and think that in few sessions you may have a great deal of relief.




for Frozen shoulder points: Gb21, Li11, 14, 15, Si9, 10, 11, 12, Jian Qian, Sj5, 13, 14, 15, with ahsi points. for diabetes add Ub13, 17,20, 21, 22, 23, St36, etc..



I just got recently highly recommended acupuncture point ST 39 for frozen shoulder treatment, which really helped to my recent case.

Kind regards



I hope you find these suggestions useful.

However, as I said before, you really need a proper assessment by a qualified practitioner.

According to the principles of Chinese medicine, the shoulder pain is not the problem to be fixed - rather it is a sign from your body that something, somewhere, in your energetic system is out of balance. Where, and what, that is varies from individual to individual. So, although there are standard points that bring relief, having a personalised programme will help resolve many other problems, not just your shoulder pain.

Best wishes to you.


I hightly agree with your comment. Thanks.



The subscapularis muscle should be released by needling the ashi or motor point. There may be a twitch and then instant relief. After use (affected side) LI-4, SJ-3, SI-5, Sp 5, 6, LV 5, (opposite side) Ht 5, GB 39, UB 60, 65 to relax the nerves and bring an immune response to some of the stagnant muscles, Supraspinatus, Subscaps, Teres Minor, Infraspinatus.

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