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Shoulder nerve damage from acupuncture


I had a needle inserted to GB21 far to deeply I screamed at the pain and was crying so much I ripped the couch roll off the therapists bed. He never even offered me a tissue. He said do you want me to remove of course I do yes. Instead of removing it immediately he twisted it in
blatant disregard of my severe discomfort and caused more undue stress.
On a later visit he pointed out to me that my shoulder he had injured was higher than the other and advised me to see my GP. He has omitted all of this in his report to my insurers for the whiplash injury he was treating. I believe he must have hit a nerve as the pain was so bad please give me your view and advice on how to realign my shiulder. Thanks.


Obviously don’t go back and if there is a medical board that licenses acupuncturists in your country (there is in the US) report him. That said, be certain you are seeing a licensed acupuncturist, not another health practitioner who “practices” acupuncture. In some countries without strong licensing regulations unfortunately anyone can say they are an acupuncturist, even with no actual training. We hear of these stories from time to time but when pressed I believe only one that I’ve heard of was an actual acupuncturist (not a DC, PT, MD or some other practitioner doing acupuncture).

As for the nerve pain, proper acupuncture would be my recommendation assuming it is available in your area. Properly applied acupuncture will never feel like that and is used to very good effect for nerve damage, neuropathy and generally for all types of pain.

Generally speaking the type of damage from an acupuncture needle that you could do with entirely improper techniques is somewhat limited (assuming they were using standard gauge acupuncture needles and not something larger). In most cases damage would heal on it’s own within 4-15 weeks.

This is besides the point, but I’m entirely surprised you actually went back for a second visit…


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