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Should I stay with this Doctor


So glad I found this website. I have been going to an acupuncturist almost 2 years now- I was having very bad migraines. I also have Hep C but all my blood work is normal. I have spent the last two years thinking that I am so sick and dying from liver disease and every time I go to Liver doc he says- you couldn't be healthier. I have been going at least once or twice a week for acupuncture and when I would come home from a session, I would be fatigued, depressed, weepy and thought I was really sick- I would tell my acupuncturist and he would say he did not know what was wrong. Sometimes I would go and I would have needles in for an hour and 1/2. most times for an hour. Then he also would spin the needle deep until I would scream. He would tell me that it would help. I was so desperate , I just kept going. Sometimes I would go in feeling great and then when I came home had a headache and such brain fog- I could not work or focus. Sometimes so irritable I would scream at family members all day. Other times I would go and felt so great after the first day- I wanted to go back for more. Since I have a liver disease- I always thought that was the problem. 2 days ago I went in feeling fine. As he was putting in the needles, I felt like I was getting a headache and he said- it's just the qi. For 2 days I have been unable to focus. And not understanding why I was fine and now I feel not fine. I just got my annual physical last week and perfectly healthy. I googled around and found this website and started reading other people's comments and thought. This must be the problem.

Does this sound like over treating. Is it normal to have acupuncture for 45 mins to one and half hours? I also was seeing him for anxiety. So since I would like to continue to deal with the anxiety and stress in my life- What should I expect from a different doctor. I also became gluten free, dairy fee, and meat free- diet really helped.

Thanks for helping :)))


I suspect you already know the answer to this, but if you are not significantly better within 3-6 months at the absolute most you should switch to a different practitioner. While healing isn't always an exponential process, you should be consistently improving and if you are not, you are not being treated correctly. Anxiety and migraines are very common conditions to treat with acupuncture and generally respond very well. It does sound like you are being overtreated, try finding someone with a lighter hand...


Thank you Chad for your reply. Actually I had become so trustful of my doc and knew nothing of what to expect. When I had conversations with him- he would tell me that to keep my Liver in healthy condition- I had to come once a week at least. He mentioned he had other Hep C patients and they all came at least once a week. When I would say after let's say a year- what would be our maintenance arrangement- would would say again- it's up to you- you have a liver disease. There was never an indication that therapy would ever stop.

As I mentioned Tuesday I went for treatment and sat with the needles for 1 1/2 hrs. Can you advise if there is a period of time it takes for the effects to wear off- the side effects are still a headache, stomach issue, hot sweats, aggetation that I did not have before treatment. I am unclear if I need to go to another acupuncturist to help reduce these side effects or if they will fade away over time.

I want to thank you very much- I went into this journey with no knowledge and have learned a lot from this website.

One last question- how long is a normal session suppose to take- it there is such a thing as normal. Thanks so much !!!!


From proper treatment, particularly after your practitioner well understands your reactions and your case, you should not experience anything other than improvement from acupuncture. Side effects are from improper treatment. They generally last 3-5 days, although consistent improper treatment can disrupt your energy and create conditions that could last longer.

As far as needle retention, this does vary but anything over 45 minutes for most situations is probably too long and at best not beneficial and at worse disruptive. Personally, I rarely leave needles in longer than 25-35 minutes... There are many reasons for why that are not worth getting into but it has to do with patients relax and awake cycles. Basically, it is my opinion that for most people after 30 minutes or so very little will happen from acupuncture that wasn't already put into motion within that time frame. The effects from treatments last for days so keeping the needles in for a long time is not necessary.


I so look forward to reading more on your website. If I was closer I would come to the clinic- In meantime thanks for your help

Be Well

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