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Shortness of breath with walking?


I can walk normally and my breath is quite normal but if I walk quickly then I get out of breath very quickly and I have to stop to get my breath back. I have been told that i have asbestosis but I do not know?

I want to know if there is /are pressure points for me to press to ease this condition?


Who told you you have asbestosis and what other symptoms do you have? Have you had a chest x-ray or CT scan? Do you have any other symptoms like strong fatigue, digestive weaknesses, etc.?


The doctor told me that I have asbestosis, but I do not think so although I did visit Asbestos factories when I was working. I am now 80 years old but I like to think that I can still do a days work in the garden. I have had both an X-ray and a scan and am waiting for the results of the scan.I do not have strong fatigue or digestive weakness as yet ( I hope I will not). I still go into the garden to work but my wife stops me from working hard as I get out of breath quickly and have to rest to get my breath.

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