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She Xiang used?


What is the way it is used She Xiang for depression, anxiety and insomnia, whether with oil or powder?


In Chinese Medicine it is generally uncommon to use individual herbs (see “how to choose a formula”). She Xiang appears in a number of formulas that may possibly be used for the symptoms you mention, but none of those may be correct for you (see the article referenced above and/or “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” to understand the basics of Chinese Medicine diagnostics). Further she xiang has a quite limited but strong opening affect to what we call the “orifices” in Chinese Medicine - without getting into too much technical detail this substance would be far more likely to make many people with anxiety/insomnia, particularly if it is arising from yin deficiency, worse - particularly in larger amounts. It is always best to consult directly with a highly trained practitioner and get an appropriate prescription for you.


Thank you very much :pray:

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