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Severe Tonsilitis


Hello, I’m a college student who contracted tonsilitis just before school started. My symptoms started shortly after an all day trip back to school on the plane. My tonsils are severely swollen, red, pussy, and painful. It hurts to swallow. I’ve been trying to drink tea and honey, gargling with warm salt water multiple times per day, and am trying to get lots of extra rest. Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of this? I got seen and it’s viral not bacterial so the doctor said there is little they can do but alleviate symptoms.


Our tonsillitis treatment section has some of the more commonly used herbal formulas listed. Your best results, however, would be to see an acupuncturist in your area who also practices herbal medicine. Not only would the acupuncture itself be very helpful but due to the way that the correct formulas are chosen they will be able to give you exactly what you need at this point.


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