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Severe pain



I have recntly started accupunture for severe deep tissue issues and groin/hip pain. I tore my labrum on my left hip/. Severe pain. Its been 18 months. I have done physio etc...nothing helps. I decdied to try acupunture. Everytime after treatment I have severe pain for 48 hours. I started to get tingling in my left foot. Is is so scary! When I call the the therapist (40 yrs exp) 30 in China. she says that pain is not normal. But when I read stuff online it says that sometimes it is. I am so confused and scared, I am a stress ball and causing myself more pain . Please help.


You don&#39t mention how many times you have gone to acupuncture and what if/any other techniques the practitioner is using (tuina, cupping, etc.) so a true answer is hard to offer. Pain is generally well treated with acupuncture and increases in pain beyond the first treatment or two are rare. Pain down the leg indicates a nerve issue which is usually coming from tension in the low back and contributing to the hip pain - although many other things can be going on.

Generally if you give a particularly practitioner 5-7 times and you are no better or worse it is time to find another practitioner. Personally I would be certain you are seeing someone who also practices tuina (chinese medical massage) and does cupping, moxibustion, etc. - basically who offers the full offerings of Chinese Medicine. It is an admitted bias of mine, but without at least tuina and cupping you are not as likely to get results in my opinion.


Hello thank you so much for your reply.

I have had 3 sessions. She insetrs the needles and then the tens machine. After she removes the neeles she rubs the area a little.

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