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Semen Retention



I have / had been practicing semen retention tequniques for about a year and a half due to a book I purchased by a Qigong master. My origianal intention in doing so was to avoid loosing Jing and thereby becoming Jing deficent, promoting health, longevity, ect... .

It sounded great but here has been the problem ever since beginning this practice. I believe the practice has caused a great deal of problems for me. I noticed that I became increasingly sex obsessed, distracted, unfocused, irritable, ect... .

Becoming quite frustrated I read an article online recently about the dangers of semen retention, and stopped the practice. I noticed that a began to feel "normal" again. Yet if loosing Jing is not good for a man, and if it shortens his longevity and reduces his health I don't want that, but neither do I want the associated mental and emotional agitation that I had been experiencing while practicing retention.

I would appreciate any advice and input in this matter. Was I doing something wrong in my practice of it possibly, or is it not something that is good to do?


I don't think you were doing anything wrong in your practice, but it is a difficult practice for people when they are not in the correct settings. To be more precise, it is a practice that is easier for aesthetics such as those living in monastery's, religious communities, etc. Even within the proper setting it can be difficult for many because it's not just about lack of ejaculation it's about strong control of desires and your internal energy. From my perspective, practices such as these have their place in modern lifestyles, however, moderation is probably the best answer for most people with regards to their personal energy (i.e. Jing).

There are many positives to sexual activity and the downsides of Jing loss from a Chinese perspective are intermixed with plausible theory, societal norms/restrictions, and cultural attributes. So there is something beneficial from avoiding excessive sexual activity, but it is not the whole story. While there are historical texts on the subject and legitimate reasons for controlling sexual activity - for most, simply listening to their body will avoid any possible decline in qi/jing from ejaculation. So refraining from sexual activity when you are sick, run down, recovering from a chronic illness, etc. Otherwise, so long as you feel good after having sex (not too weak, etc.) you are probably fine.

From my perspective, the loss of Jing is only partly from the loss of semen. The most significant loss of Jing is when our body is made to "tap" into that deeper energy. Jing is brought into the equation as a catalyst for certain activities and we need more of that catalyst if our qi is deficient or mis-directed. In basic theory we will use Jing in the absence of Qi. If our qi (what we get from food, rest, the air, tai chi, qi gong, etc.) is strong, our body's "need" to tap into our Jing is low. Conversely if we run ourselves down consistently the loss of Jing is stronger. So, as with all things, the real answer is moderation and according with the state and needs of our body.

How to increase Jing?

if you want practice it, you need follow a master which mean you need ask questions from him during your practice. but if you practice yourself without master's guide, that is dangerous, only book is not enough.

Thank you


Feng Mei


I.e. regulating one&#39s energies is a science

perfected by the mantra chanting yogies and

gurus of tha ashroma sociatys as a clearic ance my self.

I know it can be done Hare Krishina & Rama are all

greater pleasher objects naturally than aney body can concoct.! or/ pretend to be.

I&#39ll finnesh this later.

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