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Self treatment?



I have a case where acupuncture worked very well (elderly female, 3 year history of incontinence, after 3 sessions symptoms completely disappeared). I've done 2 sessions a week, 7 sessions in total now. After I tried to reduce the sessions to once a week (last two sessions), the incontinence slowly came back, however, not nearly as badly as before (mostly at night). The goal is to reduce the acupuncture sessions to once a month, since finances are a problem. However, I am worried that if I reduce sessions, the incontinence will come back full throttle.

What do we do in such cases? Acupuncture works so well for her, but only if done often. Anything she can do at home herself, I was wondering if perhaps a TENS machine, or an acupuncture "pen"? I am just not confident these will work very well. She already uses acupressure and moxibustion on herself, but that doesn't seem to do much.

Any ideas, or is this case just unfortunate?

Thank you very much,



I teach my patients how to do direct moxa.... this is the best... if and when they follow through and do this, they get significant results, and this teaches them responsibility for their health.


Hello Irina,

What is your diagnosis overall for her? It seems to me that this would be kidney yang deficiency case and that moxabustion should work extremely well for her. What points did you have her use for moxa?


Given her age and lack of any other obvious symptoms (aside from colics which get worse during season changes), plus her symptoms being chronic, non-effort dribbling/at night larger amounts, and especially after phsycial work, I thought her kidney and spleen Qi needed tonifying.

I used:

BL 23, 26, 28, 39 (electroacupuncture, and moxibustion, on 26, 28)

SP 6, 9

KID 3, 7

ST 36 (plus moxibustion)

CV 3, 4 (plus moxibustion)

She uses moxibustion on the points she can reach, heat pads on the Bladder points, unfortunately direct moxa might be difficult to do, since she lives alone, and only ocassionaly has someone who could help her with this.

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