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Self healing using acupressure for Prolapse



I have a prolapse uterus, after reading your blog I am motivated to try acupressure.
I am going to try CV20 and SP6 and I will be taking some herbs- astragalus and eccommia.
Can you give me your opinion - do you think acupressure will lift my uterus back up?
Or do I need to have acupuncture treatments? if I decide to do acupuncture how long do you think it will take to get my uterus back up in the flowing position? how many session do you think I will need?

Thank you for your help


It is highly unlikely that acupressure will do anything for prolapse. You can certainly try but I’d be honestly amazed if you had any results. Also it is doubtful that taking just astragalus and eccommia will do much either. For prolapse the better formula would be bu zhong yi qi wan. You could also try doing moxabustion at GV 20, CV 6, and ST 29. I’ve had plenty of success treating uterine prolapse with acupuncture and that is what I would recommend if you have anyone in your area. Everyone is different but in my experience somewhere between 2 and 4 treatments is usually sufficient to rectify the prolapse.


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