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Seizures by eating, a very rare kind of EPILEPSY


I am Syed Fahd, live in Canada. I have epilepsy for 4 years. My seizure triggers by eating. It happen with any kind of food. But i get seizures only by eating and sometimes in sleep. My seizures are Absence kind of seizure. I am taking medication that neurologist gave me. By I still get seizures once a week. After detail examination the doctors figured out that the problem is coming from the right side of my brain and they have to do surgery and cut off a small part of my brain in my temporal lobe area of brain. But it may have serious side effects like stroke, memory loss, depression, suicidal thoughts, vision problem and even death.
I still have 4 months in my surgery. In mean while I want to try something different that can help me getting better without surgery and side effects of surgery and medication. What are the options? Is there any way that I can become seizure free?


I would strongly recommend seeing a local acupuncturist. I’m not sure you could be 100% seizure free but it is certainly a real possibility. Compared to brain surgery the side effects of acupuncture are nearly zero, maybe a tiny bruise where the needles were at most. Certainly not life altering possibilities that brain surgery could result in. At the very least regular acupuncture treatments can reduce the frequency of the seizures. And like I said it is possible that with acupuncture treatment you could be entirely seizure free. You’d probably need more than 4 months of treatment but even then 4 months should be enough time to see a reduction in the frequency of the seizures.


Do you get seizures with every food you eat? You need to pay close attention to what triggers your seizures. It may not just be the food, but the amount or quality of food. I recommend to pay close attention. You don’t want brain surgery. GO ORGANIC, TRY MARIJUANA, TRY A KETOGENIC DIET. Marijuana is not illegal and many of my patients have greatly improve their symptoms. Acupuncture will also help.


Could you describe a normal diet for you - just tell us what you ate the last 3 days as an example? Have you had any other changes when these started? or traumas, falls, car accident?

What, exactly, are they saying is the issue with your brain - is there a cyst or tumor in that area that they think is contributing to these? And how many times did you see the neurologist before they recommended surgery?

Diet wise you would want to avoid all soy products, limit sugar as much as possible,try eliminating gluten and heavily avoid things like MSG and aspartame.

Either way, acupuncture and possibly Chinese herbal medicine, are very often used to treat all types of epilepsy. You might find the following video that is on our site interesting:


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