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Seeing dead people


My parents died in 2008 and 2010; but I still see them and some other known dead people in dreams, creating a lot of fear and gradually I got multiple physical problems. Can anyone suggest me what acupuncture protocol will help me out. Thanks,
Ravindra Agrawal


Nightmares that involve fear are most commonly caused by a combination of kidney yin and heart yin deficiency. However each person and each case needs to be evaluated individually. Are you asking if acupuncture can help or are you asking for a protocol to use for self treatment?


If you can suggest some acupuncture protocol that would really be great.


Acupuncture doesn’t work that way, see treating the cause for more. In a nutshell the protocol that is best for you depends on what is causing the nightmares. That determination would factor in your physical problems as well as any other symptoms you might be experiencing. And unless you are trained trying acupuncture on yourself is a really terrible idea and acupressure is not likely going to be a strong enough type of therapy to provide any relief.


Ok, thanks for your advice.


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