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Seasonal Changes


For most people I know, their energy levels dip and stress levels peak during wintertime.

Although, for me it is definitely during later spring and lasts sometime throughout summer (especially in hot weather). Tends to feel better by mid July. Every year, I have extreme malaise, low energy, am very anti-social, do not feel rested after sleep, and get skin ailments. I do best during Fall and well in Winter too.

Is there some theory behind this at all or is it just very much an individual thing? I've been very curious about it. Seeing as my gallbladder, in TCM terms, has a tendency to go out of balance, is THAT related? Or is that time of season just not suitable to some people? I know some folks with allergies and such feel poorly during this time of year, but I do not have those type of allergies.


It would be hard to say with any certainty without more diagnostic information, but generally problems in one season can be thought of in two ways:

1) A weakness/excess in the organ (systems) that are most active in that period - so in this case the liver/gall bladder - see "My Liver is What?"...

2) A weakness/excess/neglect of the organs in the preceding season forcing the current set of functions to start at a low point so to speak. see "My Kidneys are What?"...

In our more standardized western culture many people do more or less the same thing from season to season. In the winter this lack of more introverted, relaxing habits further weakens the kidneys. As spring approaches and the liver/gallbladder start to become more active the kidney system may not have much to offer anymore so that system starts out weak even if it really isn&#39t "truly" weak. Doing this year after year with lack of awareness of seasonal influences more than likely weakens people on a deeper systemic level.

I am, of course, speaking more generally than what may apply to you specifically. From a more diagnostic level people with underlying internal heat conditions, say Kidney Yin Deficiency, may often do poorly as the temperatures rise and their system becomes more over heated again after the relative repreive of the winter. But that&#39s something that would require more diagnostic information to say anything more about.


Chad ......Yes I was mostly curious about this in broader terms.

So thanks kindly for your expertise and input. It&#39s interesting to learn how our systems adapt (or don&#39t) to transitions.

<h5>My Dad who has multiple allergies and asthma is also not a fan of spring or summer. That made sense to me, but I thought for myself it seemed a little out of sorts. lol.</h5>

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