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I am a female in my early 40s No health problems, eat right,exercise. So all the sudden my interest in sex is no where to be found. This has been going on for a couple of months and it is hurting my relationship. Is there some type herbal help to increase my libido?


Both acupuncture and herbal medicine can be very effective for the whole range of sexual/libido related imbalances. Rather than listing herbal formulas for you to consider, you should consult a licensed professional in your area. Because of the complex nature of these conditions you need to have a proper diagnostic intake performed from a Chinese Medicine perspective. There are so many relationships at work with sexual issues from hormones, to psychological, to neurological, and to physical dysfunctions and the diagnostic procedures within Chinese Medicine excel at piecing together information from your health history and current status. Once you have an appropriate diagnosis both acupuncture and herbal formulas will be tailored to you and your results will be much better than taking a random formula.


I also have encountered the same problem previously. But I did start taking an herbal supplement called Sensuvive. I now have the desire I had before do you think it was just psychological?


If your libido improved in correlation with taking the supplement then there may have been something more physical going on. Brain chemistry, hormonal balances, overall energy levels, etc. can all effect a persons level of desire. On the psychological side there is the connection you have with your partner, your views of yourself, etc. All in all these issues can be quite complex.

In Chinese Medicine we generally do not view any condition as just "psychological" because there is a physical/chemical and emotional/psychological basis to all conditions. Some things are somewhat within your control and others need to be viewed as more of a medical condition or energetic imbalance, however you want to look at it.

The formula you mention is using western herbs in a standardized way, which may work well for some people, but not as well for others with a different set of underlying conditions. The benefit of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is that the treatments can be tailored to you based on what your practitioner sees and adjusted according to your levels of response for the underlying conditions as well as the main complaint. Which I only mention in case other people try the formula and have limited results.

I am glad that your issues have improved, regardless of what helped - which ultimately is usually a mix of physical changes and the power of your own mind. As one improves, the other follows so healing is most often a process rather than an immediate substantial change. This often makes it difficult to figure out what exactly created the change, but from a Chinese point of view this distinction is unnecessary.


seeing how we are on this topic, in Australia, a lot of people talk about premature ejaculation, what is the cause of this? what acu points can help alleviate this problem? I reckon one of the points would be KD3, is this right?
I also think that maybe stress of overwork can weaken the kidneys and this can also add negative effects to the condition, true again or not?


How long did you take this before you noticed results? Has anything changed in your life in the mean time? This seems to easy to take supplement and your problems go away perhaps I am skeptical sorry.


I cannot comment on the original poster's length of treatment, or on the supplement in question. I can say, however, that Chinese herbal medicine is very strong and can be used within the treatment of nearly every medical condition. As herbal medicine can be tailored to each individual, instead of being a standard treatment, the response rates from a good herbalist can be quite high for a broad range of conditions. The long term utilization and theoretical/diagnostic development of Chinese Medicine should not be under-estimated - nor should it be expected that treatments will take a very long time to resolve an issue. Within acupuncture and herbal medicine, the majority of commonly treated conditions will change or resolve within a few weeks to 3 months - outside of more complex conditions like diabetes, cancer, MS, etc. which may take longer.


Try some herbs called ba wei wang which can improve the lolibido.

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