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Scoliosis threatment with acupuncture


is there any person with scoliosis had benefits from acupuncture threatment?


I would imagine there are literally many thousands - it’s pretty commonly treated. With significant deviations it can be a time consuming process however. Initial reductions in pain and lack of circulation are fairly easy to come by with acupuncture (and, ideally, cupping and tuina), but true straightening of the curvature takes time and depends on the patient, their age, and the degree(s) of curvature. There is a significant role in improving quality of life and slowing/halting progression of degenerative changes.

Here is one study relevant study (there are others)…


my daughter has 49 degree of curv, and she is 14 years old. she hasn’t pain and she has been doing fisiotherapy since 8 mpnths. I found a possibility to try acupuncture and I wonder if it could help to reduce her curv.


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