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Scoliosis how do you treat with the tam therapy

Hi I wanted to understand how to treat mild scoliosis with tam therapy and what can be the methods of treatment

Our page for scoliosis with tong ren therapy has the general information about points potentially used and other links to introductory information. Generally the best results will come from using tong ren therapy (which can be done online via, acupuncture and tuina (Chinese Medical Massage). For the acupuncture and tuina you would have to find a licensed acupuncturist in your area who also practices tuina (not all do). In the absence of a practitioner who knows tuina, cupping and other techniques could be used and most acupuncturists use those fairly regularly.

Treating scoliosis can be a slow process in some cases, so you should be prepared to see the practitioner for at least 3-5 months at some type of interval.

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