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Scoliosis acupuncture treatment

I tried to find more about the phenomenon of cifoscoliosis, and if there could be found a way to prevent or treat it completely.
I guess it's a problem in stagnation of kidney qi and in the same time the unability of liver to receive from kidneys the produced energy and spreading it, and this may be a reason for being created a lot of tensions in the spinal muscles and stagnation in bladder meridian.
Could be a problem with the liver firstof all, isnt't it? Maybe a liver insuficiency? What about the lumbar unbalance causing the left lower limb be shorter than the right one with a difference up to several inches ? Could be this due to a kidney insuficiency? What point combination would be a proper formula in treating such problem? Are there any more ways (as herbs,accupresure,dietary recommendations, etc) to treat it?
I would like to know your opinions,they would be very useful for everyone facing this kind of serious problem as scoliosis /cifoscoliosis, usually very hard to be completely (or even partially) treated.
Thanks for any kind of information,this site is a great place to learn and share precious knowledge and experience for a good health and being.


We have treated scoliosis successfully in a number of cases within both young children and older adults. The main points that we use are as follows:

<ul><li>Huatuo of C1 (particularly strong tuina in the area)</li><li>GV 20</li><li>LI 18</li><li>ST 12</li></ul>

Secondary points are a combination of huatuo points along the spine from T1 to S5 based on their overall diagnosis, spinal curvature, and where they feel pain. Essentially using the needles and deep tuina to loosen the areas in such a way that the spine will straighten. The angles and points chosen will vary from case to case based on each individuals angles and overall health.

Finally we would add TCM based points for their overall diagnosis as appropriate. And your analysis is largely correct, in Children scoliosis will most often have a large kidney involvement and in adults the underlying pattern will vary but involve the kidneys (bones), spleen (muscles), and liver (tendons, ligaments) are commonly involved.


I use acupuncture and tui na much as Chad describes. It is important to identify areas of local excess and deficiency and treat appropriately. So where there is excess, on the side the spine is curving towards, there will be stagnation and tight muscles. This needs strong treatment and deep tui na. On the deficiency side, a more gentle tonifying approach is useful.


Thanks a lot. I wish you all the best results in your practice. All the information i've got from you will be well analysed and i'm sure will help the people intrested in regaining their health.

Have a nice day.

C.D., Iasi, Romania.

P.S. any further information on this topic will also be very helpful.Thanks again.


Does this mean that western medicin is driving west and away?

A newborn infant born with one under extretremity shorter than the othe 1cm. increasing to 3,5,7 or 10cm. during childhood up to 13-15 years old. Will be treated building up under the short extremity until the age right before stopp growing in height, then will be surgically operated to elongat the short one. often this condition will give any type of scoliosis, lumbar, thoracal, or total scoliosis.

My question here is: can this child be treated by acupuncture and saved him from operation and a childhood with pain, medical contol, x-ray, special shoes and may be much other costs?


Possibly, however, in relatively severe cases a combination of surgical interventions, western standard care (bracing, etc.) and acupuncture would be ideal. At the very least the acupuncture can help offset the circulatory and developmental issues that arise. At best acupuncture would facilitate growth and working over the developmental years help correct the structural imbalances that naturally arise with such treatments.


Thank you very much Chad.

And to you Calidor Would you like to tell us about your progress with your client? Its almost 16 months since you started this posting.

What kind of diagnosis you ended up with? treatment ? and results?

With appreciation.


Since my last post here, I gathered some information on this subject.

Some good results were obtained using a few meditation techniques, in order to relax some tensed parts of the body, and to move the energy from the places where the blockages are.

There&#39s no doubt for the idea that treating kidney meridian properly, considering the inbalance between right and left side, and letting the emotions associated to the tensions, which were retained into the subconsciouns mind go out, there are big chances to obtain impressive results in scoliosis treatment.

There is an article about scoliosis acupuncture treatment here :

I still have a big question.

If the left leg is shorter than the right one, (15 cm almost), but only because the spine deformation, and not for any other reason, is it possible to treat such patient with good results, and reduce this 15 cm inbalance as much as possible, without big risks? Should I increase the energy flow in right side of kidney meridian?

And , be given the suggestions to use the GV20, ST12 and LI 18 points to treat scoliosis, should I use these points more on the right side? The patient has no will, he&#39s fearful and very shy, waiting the others to take decisions for him, and has no courage and hope to improve his health.

He is 36 years old, with cifoscoliosis.

I would like to know the emotional "signs" of each kidney, for male and female patients, which can be "read" to know in each case, which must be treated more. For a male patient, as example, the left kidney is said it stores the "male essence", and for a female patient, the right one has the same role. As for a male patient, the right kidney what disfunctions can give? If he has a right kidney problem, which could be the emotional signs of such disfunction?

Thank you for any suggestions.


Great info. I have 15 yr old female coming in this week. How often do you treat?



Wanted to add treatment protocols I used way back in school, old "secret" protocol from China : )

SI-3 right on female, left on male - get qi

BL-62 on the opposite side -get qi

HJ on excess side of curved spine -get qi

And that was all.


Emotional aspect sounds more like KD & GB deficiency.

KD Yuan Source BL Luo

GB Yuan Source LR Luo


Scoliosis treatment is more early more good for the patient, if the patient is over 18 years old, there will be no useful in acupuncture and Tuina, the treatment proposal is tonify Spleen & Liver Qi and Kidney Jing, points are: Ub11,17,18,19,20,21,22,23. Gb39, use tunia on UB Channel first and second lines on the back to make the muscles energy balanced on both side of the spine, the patient also need do Qi Gong, Zhan Zhuang, breathing and Tai Chi exercise to health the internal organs energy balance.


Treating a over 18 year old patient is more difficult, but the chances to improve a lot his health are still important.

I already wrote about some nice results using meditation techniques in order to relax tensed parts of the spine/body, and I think there&#39s a lot of science in dealing with the energies in the meridians of each leg also. It&#39s so important to reduce the inbalance between the two legs to a minimum, even for the reason that each leg should touch the ground the same way, and receive the same plantar stimulation, to have the same amount of energy flowing in the right side and the left side of each meridian. So I think there&#39s a big clue here, because if you can make the legs be the same length, it&#39s easy after that to have another surprising results the patient never could even hope for.

So, if the left leg is shorter than the right one, with a 15 cm inbalance, how can we work better with the meridians in order to reduce this to a minimum? It&#39s known that the body follows the energy patterns, and if one leg is shorter than the another one, this could be solved stimulating or dispersing some energies in a proper way.

Is it possible that in the right leg the kidney meridian to be less active than the left side of the same meridian? How we can use these facts to reduce the physical inbalance?


stimulate the GB30, and Huan Zhong points will help the two legs into balance condition.


My latest experience with scoliosis:

Definitely, meditation is one of the most helpful ways to reduce the scoliosis imbalances along the spine. Vipassana meditation is the most effective of all until this moment.

Relaxation is obtained as a "secondary product" in this process, and the body regains the normal posture in time, because the blockages dissapear or diminish one by one, and muscles are tensed no more. The "key" is to know how to move the blocked energy and to release it from the spine and muscles, in those areas where&#39s no need of it any more. Another "secondary effect" of this meditation process is the healing of a big amount of psychological issues, traumas or "subconscious mind cleansing", in a very deep way.

But the effectiveness of this meditation technique is obviously due to the proper way to do it, in an almost "scientific" approach, and, of course...noticing that every human being is unique. The process is different from person to person.


Not that I doubt meditation is helpful for any number of conditions, but "resolving" scoliosis entirely by meditation? I would love to see some clinical case studies, backed with measurements and/or pictures to show the true clinical effect. What degrees have you seen resolved - in younger children, in adults, who? Scoliosis is very difficult to treat and can be extremely debilitating beyond certain degrees. Again, not that I doubt it would be helpful, but you have to back up what you offer with verifiable clinical evidence so that the public can wisely choose to rely on certain techniques, in this case meditation.

Furthermore highlighting a particular meditation technique over others needs to be backed up with clinical evidence. If this works at all, why wouldn&#39t the Tibetan yogic meditative techniques work, or Zen, what is it (not in your opinion but in true evidence) about Vipassana that does this?


It was my too short explanation that created confusion here. Of course meditation doesn&#39t entirely cure scoliosis, but it creates a good "framework" for the patient to understand how his disease affects his life, and it "unlocks" the healing process which obviously is due to another different techniques. And there are so many things which contribute besides meditation, and they can be given as examples - the environment where the patient is treated, the determination of the patient to give up the "benefits" the ilness gave him for a long part of his life...and so on. Yes, there are patients who can be afraid to be cured, because they will obtain less attention, less affection or less money or another material benefits when they will be healthy.

There is one strong reason I made the affirmation that Vipassana is the most effective of a wide range of meditation techniques, and that is because during a 15 year period of time, this proved to give the most notable effects in improving the health of scoliosis patients. It would be nonethical and unwise to name here another kinds of meditation techniques, there&#39s no need to explain why.

As for the medical evidences about the role of meditation in healing process of scoliosis, I will try to make them known here as soon as possible, but the medical & academic environment where these experiments take place is not so friendly concerning with such "new" concepts. That&#39s why it will be a little difficult for these results be recognized in such environment, and avoid legal / ethical complications.

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