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Scleroderma treatment

My daughter Suffers from an autoimmune disease , which caused her to have scleroderma , my question here is the traditional Chinese medicine helpful in her condition .
Thank you

The short answer is yes, both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine properly applied can be helpful for scleroderma.

The longer answer is, as with most autoimmune conditions, you really need to see a practitioner who has a reasonably high amount of experience with complicated autoimmune conditions. Generally speaking in the US at least, anyone who has been in practice for over 8 years full-time, unless they specialize in a subset of conditions, is likely to know how to approach these conditions. These are not quick fixes however, so you should be prepared to see the practitioner at some level of frequency (likely weekly for 4-10 treatments, then less often depending on response rates) for at least 8 months to many years.

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