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Scleroderma Reynauds and hep b


Submitted By: Mandycapable

I have both kinds of scleroderma and they're very aggressive. I am severely disabled for three years and am 33 years old. I find this disease is relentless and nothing reverses it. Diet can make it accelerate but even a strict macrobiotic diet has it still progress. I have an acupuncture doll and am waiting for needles to arrive in the mail. Can u advise on diet? And is there a place where I can get info for acupuncture tong ren? I cannot lift or afford the hammer.


Well, as this is a site for Chinese Medicine you need to know that any dietary advice should really be given after a clinical diagnosis has been made. I know you have scleroderma but, that is a biomedical/Modern medicine diagnosis and Chinese Medicine uses a totally different system.

More importantly, as far as I am concerned, it appears from your post that you are considering doing acupuncture on yourself. If this is so, can I please ask you to not do so? You need to see a properly qualified practitioner and get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment. It takes years of study to practice the art and craft of acupuncture: it is not simply a matter of &#39stick a needle in here&#39. Furthermore, you are putting yourself at great risk of injury without knowing how to insert the needles.


I have a friend that has the most aggressive scleroderma and he was able to get very effective help from an acupuncturist. His skin was so thick and dense it was like saddle leather, He started treatments 8 months ago and he can now walk drive his truck cut the grass. He now thinks he might beat it. The top medical team had given him 9 years of which he had advanced 3 years in 6 months. he had got all his affaires in order when he found his acupuncturist Dr Hui in Toronto Ontario Canada. Dr Hui used a whole aray of treatments from nutrients to acupuncture chelation and intervienous hydrogen peroxided with great results.

I sure hope the establishment will let this responce go unedited as they edited the original.

I will post the results of thier tampering on facebook should it conrinue.

May you be blessed and a blessing

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