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Sciatica pain



First of all I am new to this forum. My Name is Umar and I am from Kuwait. I have done my Diploma in Acupuncture from India and practicing the same in part time.

I have a patient who is having Diabetics I and Sciatica pain more than 20 years. Through MRI, confirmed that this is sciatica, required surgery.

Through pulses, I understood there are dificiancie in Water elements, combining Earth and Water, I put the needles. Sp 9, Sp6, K10, K4, K5 and Ren 17. After 8 weeks of needling, the pain was reduced and also completly out from Diabetes.

But all of sudden the pain is increased after 1 week but ehe sugar level is normal without any medication. Please advise.


Sciatic pain often does much better with a proper combination of local needling, tuina and cupping - ideally. I would suggest you start by reading our acupuncture for low back pain section and go from there.


I do a lot of local needling for this too. And investigate the lower back as well.

For repeat pain, consider this persons gate, are they a runner? Footware, how are they sitting etc. for this to come back. Patches are also effective or Red Flower Oil.


Miofasshel release massage then anothe hot soak.


I always check for uneven legs with sciatic issues. Even being off 1/4 inch can cause strong pain. I have learned a &#39long leg treatment&#39 that works every time for uneven legs and greatly reduces sciatic pain. When the patient comes in again, I check the legs again and each time after. This treatment is like replacing a chiropractic treatment. ... First step treatment is GB20 only... (You can add other body points but for the uneven stature it&#39s just this point)

if this doesn&#39t last or completely even the stature then...

You&#39re treating the longer leg... Patient will lay on side with pillow to support between knees.. Make sure they are comfortable :)

Start with GB41Left

Sp6 or kid3 on shorter leg

GB28, GB29, GB30, GB31, GB32, GB34, BL40, BL60 all on longer leg

end with SJ5 on Right

Estim can be used in more severe leg discrepancies. If you are interested in where to place estim leads, please let me know.

This is one of my favorite protocols because of how amazingly quick you can get results.

Check the leg length at the end of treatment and always document the difference in length.

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