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Scents in Building/Classroom with Qigong


Qigong class available for me to attend is full of synthetic scents, very strong in the air, perfumes/laundry products… I can taste it in my mouth and throat when I attend. The qigong people are not responsive to using more natural products when I asked them to. I think it is worse for my health to attend, and I am never able to retain anything, any forms we did in the strongly synthetically scented class. So I would think my ability is better off without that kind of qigong? Or would you say following along to qigong even if the scents are so strong I taste it in my mouth afterward, still helps with needling? Or depends on the individual probably? Or always it would not? Thank you.

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If you are sensitive to the environment then you probably shouldn’t attend - just use common sense. That said, as you get stronger internally, you will very likely not be bothered unless it is just truly overwhelming. I would suggest you start with just standing meditation - start at 10 minutes a day and work your way up to 25 minutes. Do that for 6 months daily, ideally, and then attend again and see if you are still as bothered.


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