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Scar on Conception Vessel


I am currious about my 7inch scar along the CV. It runs from about CV2-CV10/11. It has been 3 years and my digestion and bowels are normal. I was curious more about emotional issues. I am very forgetful as well. I think it has to do with the anesthesia that was administered during my emergency operation. I feel less enthusiastic than before, lack energy or motivation, lower sexual desire, more forgetful and sometimes sad or apathethic. I worked hard to clean my blood and eat kidney tonefiying foods.

i wonder if the scar can or des effect me. It is significantly lighter and flatter since I used castor oil. Should I continue any other practice to reduce the scar? Or am I healed? I am not sure how to tell.

I wanted to see what the experts my think I can do to continue healing. Thank you for your advise


The question about scarring comes up quite often, a previous response sums up my views and there are others if you use the search function on the site.

For you, however, if you don&#39t feel well and you are concerned about health issues you should seek treatment from a fully trained acupuncturist. Not so much for the scar as I don&#39t think that has anything to do with it, but for the issues that are concerning you which seem important enough to obtain proper consultation and treatment.

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