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Sauna in TCM


how is the sauna viewed in TCM?

Is the sauna indicated for damp-heat,damp-cold,yin deficiency?

I've heard that there are some types of qiGong that are practiced in sauna.


I&#39m not sure the sauna fits into Chinese Medicine anywhere as far as being truly therapeutic. That said, as with any factor the yin yang balance needs to be respected. It would be avoided by anyone with a heat and/or damp condition. Who it would be good for is hard to say - it would be so relative to the individual, their climate, the season, their diagnosis at the time, etc.


Another point is that the sauna would open the pores as it induced sweat. Would that leave you more open to pernicious external influences when you exited? It would seem that you should then do the immersion in cold water to close the pores.


Interesting, I’ve never heard of qigong practice in a sauna. It doesn’t sound like anything a common Chinese would do, but what do I know. :slight_smile: Have you learned more about the subject in the meantime?


While not related to Chinese Medicine in any way, there is a pretty good exploration of the general health benefits of sauna in the text The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu . It’s an interesting read on a whole, but there are some interesting points about the sauna (as well as a section of cold water swimming) - both very popular things within Finnish society.

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