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San Jao and Dantien


So the san jao and dantian aren’t the same. Can someone tell me a quick difference? Or point me to somewhere where this question can be answered?


I find tons of information on both that differentiate but both have 3 associated with them. 3 burners are on the trunk (upper, lower, middle) and this is the Yang organ and associated with the Yang Meridian – both have the same name. This web site has them defined in abundance. The 3 Dan Tian are in the locations of Yin Tang, Pc 17, and Ren 6 approximately. They are considered energy centers and correspond to 3 major chakras. My favorite read on them is Robert Peng’s Qi Qong exercises for developing energy in them. There is some great reads if you google tai chi and dan tian. I don’t want to sound flippant – with more key words you can find more associations for them to understand them. Both are used in healing extensively in oriental medicine.

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