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Root cause


Apparently TCM theory holds that major disease in the body can be
traced to a root cause which ocurred either three or seven years ago
in that person's life cycle. Can anyone direct me to a source where I can
research that more?


TCM has 3 reasons theory, the 3 reasons is the root cause of the discease, that is : inside reason, outside reason, and others reason. Inside reason is cause by human&#39s emotion active, such as happy, angry, anixious, too much thought, sad, scare, suprise, love etc., Outside reason is cause by outside envirment active, such as wind, cold, heat, damp, dry, fire etc., the other reasons such as food, body injury by accident or animal bite etc.,


I am not aware of anything so specific. There certainly are multi-year cycles for men and women talked about where they are more vulnerable to certain events and if certain things happen during a particular period it may be more of a problem than if it happened later. Most of this kind of information is in the Nan-Ching and the Su-Wen - two of the foundational texts of Chinese Medicine.

Certainly from a Chinese perspective we go back through the persons history to look at relationships and to deeply analyze cause and effect. The goal of this is to come to a treatment that not only accounts for their specific symptoms now but that deals with the causitive factors within them which has the potential to eliminate future problems as well as what they are aware of (i.e. their current symptoms).

There are many numerology based theories in Chinese Medicine (and culture) that have to be taken conservatively (in my opinion). It would be great if life would be that predictable but I really don&#39t think it is - patterns, yes, certainly - but something that if you fell when you were 21 that you would have bad knees where you are 28 probably not...

Most of the texts that you would be interested in exploring this are in our acupunture history resource section. I also linked to the main two above.

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