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Room for one more? I am thinking of going to school to be an acupuncturist/oriental diagnosis etc


Hello all,

I have been studying the contents of this site, reading books, and sticking myself and others I know and love with needles for about 2 years now.

I was reluctant to go off to school to become a acunpuncturist because I dont even have the first bit of collage yet.

I plan on doing the university of pheonix online and get me associates in about 1 year 9 mos then go to Dr. Leon Hammers school The Dragon Rises Collage after that.

I know now its a possiablity for me to become a practioner.

My fear,, can I pay for my student loans when I am done. there are around 650 acupuncturist in the small state of maryland, and 450 currently in school at Tai Sophia.

My uncle who also owns a video store is only getting about 8 patients per week (as an acupuncturist) , but he doesnt advertise, and is busy doing many other things.

How is it working out for you guys so far?

Thanks, Matt


Hi - Speaking only as a customer, and one within a few hundred miles of your location, I can say that the practitioners I've been to seem to average about 8 to 15 clients per DAY not per week. Then again, I think this can depend heavily on the quality of services, the amount of advertising done, and the satisfaction of clients thus creating word of mouth advertising. I think the worst I've seen someone doing was about 4 clients per day but this person did not advertise at all, not even yellow pages.

There are some areas that I know of where there are maybe 3 practitioners for entire metropolitan areas. Granted not huge ones but still quite populated. I would imagine these people have more clients than they can handle. I think if this is what you want to do then just be willing to move to where the work is if you eventually need to.

(And if they have 650 in Maryland - wow! I might consider moving there for the sheer choice factor! LOL!)


Yes, there is room for many more. While there are various pressures on the field as a whole and private practice (the domain for the majority of practitioners) is full of distinct challenges and joys, it is still a growing field and we will need more skilled practitioners. Will you make a lot of money - I wouldn't expect that. Will you make a living? more than likely. It is a difficult field, not because it is full of practitioners though - more because it is undervalued due to lack of education. If doctors and the general public knew when and how to best utilize acupuncture, there could easily be a great increase in demand that would be more than current practitioners could handle. And I agree with the other respondant - 8 patients a week is not normal - about 15-40/week is (after the first 2 years) with many practitioners seeing 50+/week (generally after 5 years in practice).


Chad and Leeta,

I am really glad you guys reassured me, I have been feeling more secure about my choice since last thursday when I posted this. Making "alot of money" isn't really my concern, just making a living and being =].

You guys have eased me worry some what. Its very reassuring. =]

Seeing 50 people a week seems unimaginable...

Thanks, Matt

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