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Right foot neuropathy


I have been working with a woman for the past few months who presented with severe low back pain, Right foot was numb and would shake. After questioning the patient I found she worked in a sewing factory for 20 years at a sewing machine. She retired from this job 10 years ago and fell requiring back surgery L4-5. After the surgery she continued to have severe low back pain and her right foot would be numb and shake. I noticed it would move as if she was pressing on the pedal of a sewing machine. After much questioning I found she had trouble with numbness of this foot even before she retired and had the back surgery.

This woman presented as very Qi deficient and would work at home without taking a break. When she did lay down her foot would shake. She walked with a pronounced limp as if she did not know where her foot was. Through Acupuncture , Building and moving Qi her pulses are fuller, she is walking better and is more productive at home. I had her incorporate breaks and to sit more while soing her work. Eventhough she was not happy with taking breaks she does feel better. She is very happy with the results. However her foot continues to shake as if she is using the sewwing machine pedal when she lays down to rest.

I used the Dai Mai and have decreased the shaking but only for a day or two after treatment. Overall her back pain is much improved. Has anyone had any sucess with dealing with this type of neuopathy or is this the best I can hope to achieve?


All kinds of limb shake are because of wind in TCM, also because of Liver and Kidney yin deficiency, why don&#39t you try some tonify liver Yin and kidney yin/jing points? for example sp6,10, kd3, 6, Lv8, st36, Lv3. Ren4, ub17,18, 23 etc..


Thanks I have used all of the points you mentioned they have helped. And yes she does have Internal wind. Her tongue also quivers. I am not sure if it is realistic to expect the shaking to end since the damage was done when she worked in the sewing factory 10 years ago, She said she had trouble with numbness then.


numbness is Liver blood deficiency, you may try "Si Wu Tang" for her to take. or "Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin" for Liver wind(if she has High blood pressure).

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