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Right elbow ''twiching pain'' when exercising


Submitted By: TheSpace

I have a bit of a strange problem with my right elbow. It doesn't hurt me at all in my everyday normal life, but when i work out with weights, in certain exercises-Like bench press for chest or triceps, or overhead press for the shoulders... So exercises in which i have to push something-i get a twiching pain in my right elbow. Like a nerve gets pinched there, and the heavier the weights the stronger the pain. The pain lasts only until i finish pushing the weight up, when the hands are going down there is no pain.

When i tighten it with an elbow fastener? or what's it called-the pain is gone, but only if i tighten it really good and strong!

Obviously a nerve gets pinched in those movements because i feel electricity right up to my fingers. Wanted to know if there are any local points which could do me good here? Have you ever had patients with issues like this?


It&#39s a strained tendon more than likely. The easiest resolution, and common sense, is don&#39t do it if it hurts... And don&#39t do anything that you have to use a device to make possible... If you don&#39t continue to strain the muscles beyond their capacity it will most likely get better after 4-6 weeks. You could also try working the opposite muscle groups, so in this case the triceps.


It seems that condition is like tennis elbow. So you can use following points to heal -

Si8, ci3, li 11


Well the thing is-this is not a new problem. As mentioned in my thread, it started after a nasty fall many years ago. I noticed it the first time a couple of years ago when i entered the gym for the first time. So from the time of my fall to the time when i actually experienced something was wrong-many years have passed.

It is a very distinct sensation of something moving in my elbow, nerve pinching. This winter i didn&#39t workout for 2 months since it was very cold here and nothing has changed. It hurts on chest and triceps exercise, doesn&#39t hurt on other muscle groups.

One thing i noticed is-if for example i first train my back than i switch to triceps-the pain isn&#39t there. I am guessing this is because i warm up really good and also when doing back-biceps, forearms and shoulders also do the heavy lifting and its my guess this relieves the tension from the following triceps exercises.

Now i am no bodybuilder nor strongmen-i exercise in my house with some basic equipment so i wouldn&#39t blaim it on the weights being extremly heavy.


@Beenu, i just checked the point Si8 and that is the exact place where this nerve is placed. I can feel it when i straighten my right arm and palpate with my left, by doing that i can create the same feeling, i can pinch the nerv and momentarely i feel electricity in my hand, right side of it to be more precise.

It seems its name is the Ulnar Nerve.

Since it&#39s a bit tricky to needle there on my own, i was wondering if moxa is indicated? If not, i would first like to try with high strength Acu magnets. I guess i should use the north, yin, cooling side of the magnet? But maybe i am wrong, maybe it needs to be tonified so it can become &#39&#39stronger&#39&#39?


The ulnar nerve lies in groove in the medial distal humerus. Previous trauma may have resulted a minor fracture and now years later resulting in an osteophyte causing pressure on the ulnar nerve. Do an x-ray to confirm. Beenu suggested this is tennis elbow. However SI 8 is on the medial aspect of the elbow not lateral ( t elbow= lateral epicondylitis)

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