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Rieki and TCM work


Does anyone know anything about Reiki healing/energy work with TCM? I am not a TCM practitioner. But I do some energy work. And I am a reiki grandmaster. But I do not practice as in hanging out a sign or seeing people. Any TCM people here know anything about using Usui Reiki with TCM? Though I’d ask.


Many technically “use” both and what is generally termed “medical qi gong” is essentially the Chinese Medicine/Martial Arts version of energy healing - loosely akin to reiki but more strongly interwoven with the same theories as Chinese Medicine.

So, yes, people technically use energy healing methods with Chinese Medicine, but a useful discussion of this (in my opinion) would require both a deep understanding of Chinese Medicine theory, at least a decade of clinical experience with it, a strong personal practice of internal arts and at least as many years or so of the clinical application of energy work. The way these system overlap and are used is not something that can be easily put into words - words of much value anyhow. But the thorough guidance of an accomplished master can discuss it over time in person with an eager and well read student. This is why learning Chinese Medicine well is best served by spending years and years with an accomplished master - after - all of the formal schooling, your own indepth explorations, some clinical experience and a strong personal practice. It’s really a lifetime commitment, particularly at the level where these systems merge.


The energy work I use says a lot of my problems are “structural” That could be bone, tissue and such. I am a bit overweight so when organs are pushed against fat and muscle they’re going to have some trouble working. :slight_smile: There are thrusting and belt channels too. They don’t seem to be mentioned here.


I was formally trained in level 1 of the Usui Reiki method and to the best of my ability I was able to verify the lineage of my teacher. In clinical practice TCM and reiki can be completely separate and in fact the kind of conditions you’d treat and results you would expect would be practically very different. I do not intentionally incorporate Reiki into my work as an acupuncturist other than indirectly I incorporate some of the Reiki meditations into my own personal practice. To be perfectly honest without specific guidance and training from someone with incorporates Reiki into their acupuncture practice I would not be comfortable attempting to do so. They are different enough in practice and intent that it would be more likely you end up with a less optimal result by trying to integrate them without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

So in theory there is no real reason why someone wouldn’t be able to incorporate both TCM and Reiki together but in practice without specific training and guidance it is not a good idea.


I’ve been practicing Reiki for many years and am currently in my last year of acupuncture study.

What I’ve noticed is that when I gently hold a needle and open the Reiki flow, the patient soon reports an energy sensation traveling along the path of the meridian, not dissimilar to the result of some needle stimulation. I take great care not to tell the patient what to expect, so I am intrigued by these results and look forward to exploring it more.


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