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Restless Legs Syndrome ( RLS )


Hi. What do you think about acupuncture treatment on Restless Legs Syndrome ? Beforehand thanks for help.

P.S What do you think about : LI11,PC6, LI4,GB34,ST36,SP6,GV20,CV 24?


The points you mention may be ok depending on the TCM diagnosis that the patient has. To treat RLS effectively you will need to use a combination of local and systemic points that are based on a clear diagnosis.

In addition to what you would use for their overall pattern, we most often use the following:

<ul><li>Huatuo of T7 (technically the point for the spleen (L) and the abdominal blood vessel (R) - this point is used often within our system to help release problems in the lower back, hips, and legs)</li><li>A point called Tiandong which helps the nervous system function and musculoskeletal control issues</li><li>SI 16, TH 17, and GV 20 - general musculoskeletal control issues</li><li>Along with needling on the leg at or near the area which seems most restless (or some combination of general points such as GB 34, GB 37, GB 39, UB 32, UB 40, UB 60, UB 62, LV 8 if no specific area is particularly active).</li></ul>

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