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Restless leg syndrome


What are the points for restless leg syndrome?


While acupuncture can be very effective in treating RLS, there are no set point protocols . See treating the cause for more on that. The specific points used would depend on how long you’ve had it, how severe it is, whether it is uni or bilateral, and what other various symptoms are also going on.

In general you would use points that help clear wind such as GB 20 and UB 12 as well as more neurologically related points such as GV 16 (which also clears wind so this is as close as a must-use point as you’ll get) and the huatuo jiaji in the lumbar and/or sacral level. But for the best results you would really need to customize the treatment to your specific presentation.


In addition to what @Stephen says there are two basic reasons, possibly three really, from a more western concept side that are important to consider along with looking at their issue with proper Chinese diagnostic tools. In the vast majority of cases RLS will be coming from either, or any combination of, (1) low back issues, (2) brain function issues, (3) (less likely) electrolyte imbalances from other internal issues. Trying to figure out which areas may be of concern is helpful in designing the overall treatment.


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