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Request for advice on treating sciatica pain


Submitted By: garyjp9

My mother is 87 years old and is suffering from spinal stenosis (quite normal for her age) and severe sciatica in her left leg. The pain extends to her foot. She was treated by an acupuncturist with many needles around her body via the "balance method." It only brought temporary relief. Moreover, her left ankle swelled up for the next two days. This happened twice. She has never experienced such swelling before or after and has no heart condition.

---Has anyone ever heard of this type of edema in response to acupuncture?

---She does not like needles. Can sciatica be treated with fewer needles and in a more localized fashion than with the balance method?

Thank you, Gary


For Sciatic just need 3 needles on the local area: GB30, Huan Zhong & Ashi point, 3 needles at least 2 cun long, and she must bend left hip to acupuncture.


If the swelling came and went after two days I simply wouldn&#39t worry about it very much. Yes, you can get localized swelling from the acupuncture points or even other tuina/massage techniques in the area - it generally passes quickly. It&#39s somewhat rare either way...

With regards to sciatic treatment - we have a page on acupuncture for low back pain with many of the commonly used points and, yes, there are any number of ways to treat sciatic pain. If she really doesn&#39t like needles she should consider seeing another practitioner as with proper insertion it shouldn&#39t be an issue (i.e. you shouldn&#39t feel the needles) - with heavier techniques it can create tension in the patient and lead to inferior results. Someone who also does tuina (chinese medical massage) and cupping would be preferred over those that do not in my opinion.


Thank you very much for your advice. Gary


Thank you very much for your advice and for the link to your treatment page. I really appreciate it. Gary


Kindly guide me as to Huan Zhong point and how to locate that. I could not find reference to that point on our site


Huan Zhong is an extra point located midway between GB 30 and GV 2


So kind of you Chad ! :-)

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