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Reoccuring Bell's Palsy


Hello I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with or could help me with re-occurance of Bell's Palsy? In the past 20 years--have had 5 different times. Had all sorts of medical tests performed--nothing obvious. Was under the care of an accupunturist whe I got it twice this year...first time healed in about 2 weeks (January). Got again 2 mos later (In March) and still dealing with some effects--mostly dry eye. You can't really see any obvious effects. Seems to get more pronounced when I'm under stress.

Any advice--I sure would appreciate some. Of course...always wonder why I get it more times and what can I do to get it out of me!!!!!!!! thank you very much. Have a nice day!


Bell&#39s Palsy can be a difficult condition to treat but it is somewhat rare to continually get the condition. Within our system of acupuncture we focus more on the cervical vertebrae than on some of the classic acupuncture points. Particularly we focus on the C3 and C4 verebrae which effect the face. Generally from a practitioners standpoint this involves deep tuina (massage) in these areas which is done in addition to common needling. For details you can read our tam healing system protocol for bell&#39s palsy. From our point of view bell&#39s palsy, particularly when it reoccurs has at least some if not a primary involvement from the neck. Now this doesn&#39t mean that you necessarily have a disc problem in the neck, just that the nerves are overactive.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective facial paralysis in the case of Bell&#39s Palsy is often the result of what we call wind. Wind is derived, generally, from a stagnant liver system. Wind tends to rise and can cause disruption in movements and muscle control. This may explain why your symptoms worsen under stress. You may read to read my article, "My Liver is What?" which gets into some of the details of this system.

In short I would either find an acupuncturist who also practices tuina and/or couple your acupuncture treatments with some deep tissue/neuromuscular massage therapy particularly in the neck.


The traditional chinese herb formula name: "Qian Zheng San" may help for bell&#39s palsy(wind stroke on facial) symtom, you have 20 years history of bell&#39s palsy problem, so you need see a TCM herb formula doctor to write a special "Qian Zheng San + -" formula for youself.


Hello, I appreciate the time and attention you gave to me--I&#39m going to see a new accupunturist tomorrow--I will print these posts off and take to him. thank you again. I greatly appreciate.

thank you

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